Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Fancy That.

You never know who you will meet, and how they might inspire you. My blog, I realize, is full of these superlatives. It's a total cliche that I'm living: always learning something new. About myself, about the work, about my peers. I absolutely need to work in theatre, if only for the sheer challenge of it all. It keeps my brain going, even if I constantly feel as though I am two steps behind.

Does anyone else out there feel like they can never relax into their work and just BE with it? I can't be proud/happy/satisfied with much of anything, because I know how it fell short, how it was intended to be different and better. My accomplishments in theatre (and, let's face it, my accomplishments in life) are being overshadowed and forgotten by me, of all people.

Well, that was a detour. I've been meaning to introduce you all to:


a dramaturgical company that commissions and develops new works of theatre, dance, and music.

Brian Quirt, who is also the LMDA Canada chair (and incoming LMDA president) runs it, and it really seems like an incredible resource for artists of all sorts. They encourage and facilitate the kind of long-term projects or research that don't usually seem feasible.

check them out here.

Another reason to love Canada.


Blogger P'tit Boo said...

A theatre that emerges out of questions...
how refreshing !

10:45 PM  

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