Thursday, April 06, 2006

Magic realism onstage

I am in love with the words of Jose Rivera. He paints a universe onstage with reckless abandon, a world where anything might happen. Instead of worrying about what is an is not possible, he explodes his dreams onto paper, and trusts actors, directors, and designers to bring them to life.

And I find that very reassuring.


"Might there be some sort of overall Theory? A theory unifying all the fundamental forces? You see, even if you could conceive a theory which covered all the basic interactions, for one thing you theory would be far from comprehensive, as Poincare said, you can examine each individual cell of an elephant, but that wouldn't help you grasp its zoological reality, and you still wouldn't have eliminated the paradox of the cosmos! How can we grasp the world as it is? How can we close the gap between reality and representation, the gap between object and word, what are these, chocolate fingers, delicious, how, in short can we think of the world without out thinking being part of the world?"

from Life X 3 by Yasmina Reza


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