Monday, May 08, 2006

And another thing...

At the moment, my year group of 50+ (that includes performers, designers, directors, etc) is devising a piece of site-specific work. It has, hands down, been the most difficult working process I've ever encountered. While it remains to be seen, I'm hoping it will also be the most rewarding. The engagement with the site, the arrangements and flow of the experience, the act of sharing it with an audience (both primary and secondary), and the challenge to our traditional concepts of how theatre works are all huge issues. None of the rules apply. If you're ever in a creative rut and need to approach the world of performance, and the blurring of life and art, I highly recommend that you look into site-specific work.

Our mentor on the project, Bill Aitchison, wrote Collaboration With Location, which is proving to be amazingly helpful. Have a look.


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